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You asked, we answered.

Do you cater weddings? If so, what kind of dessert catering do you offer?

We do cater weddings and offer a variety of options. Two of the most popular options are cupcake towers and cake buffets. We can always customize your special day.

Do you do wedding cakes?

Yes we do! We focus on the cake and flavor combinations and avoid fondant and stabilizers. People simply don´t want to eat fondant. It´s is nice took look at, but we think cake should be eaten. If you want a delicious cake that your guests will thank you for, we are your bakery. Schedule a wedding consult today!

Two factors place limitations on our production: First, we chose a quaint house rich with ambiance and character because we decided the dining experience mattered as much as our product. But this also meant a compromise on kitchen space. Second, the nature of scratch baking and fresh ingredients means everything takes more time. So we make as much as possible, but when we´re out, we´re out. The benefit is the guarantee that you´ll always get the highest quality and something that is fresh baked every time.

How much notice is required for special orders?

For large catering orders, we need one week´s notice. For all orders within the cafè, we cut off orders at 12pm the day before. So if you need one of our Signature Cakes or a dozen cupcakes by Friday night, we need the order by noon on Thursday. If you´re ordering a Custom Cake, we require 3 days notice. So if you need your cake on Saturday, plan to order no later than Wednesday.

Are whole cakes available at The Chocolate?

Yes, we always have 5-inch and 7-inch cakes available. All the 9-inch cakes at the cafè are reserved to be sold by-the-slice. Whole 9-inch cakes are considered a special order and are
available as per above.

How long have you been open?

The Chocolate´s dessert cafè in Orem opened December 4th, 2009. The West Jordan location opened October 27th, 2010. Prior to that, The Chocolate operated as a commercial kitchen for catering and wedding orders only. For a story about The Chocolate´s arrival to Orem, click here.

Do you do any gluten free products?

Yes, our turtle tarts and magic potatoes are always gluten free, and we have a gluten free brownie option.

Do you do sugar-free products?

Our apologies to those who are unable to consume sugar. We do not plan to offer any products that are sugar-free.

Why did you name your bakery The Chocolate?

We love chocolate and the word “chocolate” is synonymous (in our minds) with dessert. So for those of you who don´t share our cocoa passion, we have other offerings. But if we hadit our way, the heavens would rain chocolaty brown goodness.

Who does your design work?

Our graphic design work is all handled by our designer, Emily Tanner. She can be reached at [email protected] The interior design work of our cafè was directed by Danielle Robinson at Lake City Loft.

Where were you guys before you had the cafè? Weren´t you in the mall?

Yes, happily stationed between Banana Republic and Gap. The “Cupcake Cart” was instrumental in helping us realize we needed a storefront.

When do you deliver to the MTC?

We deliver to the MTC every Thursday. $3 delivery charge for any size order.


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